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Podle helps you gain loyal audiences with automatically generated audio version of your articles at a low cost

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Audio is helping news outlets improve their members' engagement

"Whether you’re listening to a story while multitasking or absorbing a compelling narrative while on a walk, audio unlocks new opportunities to engage with our journalism in more convenient ways [...] Readers who listened to audio articles on our apps engaged more than three times longer with our content," said Kat Downs Mulder, managing editor at The Washington Post.

"Our big success was 'Listen to this article,' an automatically generated audio version of every story on It’s proven more habit-forming than our popular crossword puzzle — earning praise from students and seniors alike," said Jason Jedlinski, Head of Audience Touchpoints at The Wall Street Journal.

Automate and simplify your podcast publishing workflow

Advanced editing made simple with several options

  • Transform articles/newsletters into audio podcasts with high quality voices
  • Mixing with jingles, music backgrounds, human narrators' intro/outro...
  • Storage of mp3 files, streaming and publishing on a webpage with embedded player
  • Creation of an RSS feed (public or subscriber only) to post on streaming platforms such as Spotify, Deezer, Apple Podcasts or Amazon Alexa skills (with smart speakers).
Low cost

Whereas a traditional audio production is expensive and requires people and equipment, Podle solution is cheap and industrialized.

Fast execution

The automation allows a fast execution: the audio version of a long article of 1600 words is produced in around 2 minutes.

Publish everywhere you want

There are no limits where you can broadcast your audio content thanks to the storage, streaming and RSS feeds options Podle offers.

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